Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dream Wedding: Bohemian, Natural, Fun Wedding Photo Inspiration (36 Photos)

Every girl has imagined her dream wedding probably since childhood.  It's a BIG deal for us ladies.  My dream wedding is bohemian, natural, Autumn, rustic, country,outdoorsy, shabby chic.  Pinterest and Tumblr and other online resources have AMAZING ideas & inspiration.  I love looking at other people's wedding photography.  In doing so, I've learned that I don't think I want a bright white dress. I like the look of an ivory dress much more.  Crocheted, flowy, sheer fabric, maybe a belt.  Bliss.  I also want a floral head piece, or maybe ferns.  Ferns are my favorite non flowering plant, so you best bet they will be incorporated into my big day in one way or another. Plus, green is my favorite color and it's a very natural, outdoorsy color obviously since most flora has some green on it somewhere. And I'm totally into the whole DIY aspect. I will definitely be making a lot of stuff for my wedding.

 I want to know about your wedding style...leave some comment love.  What season is your ideal season for your dream wedding?  What do you think about winter weddings?  Any winter wedding ideas or inspiration, please share!

Boho Wedding

bohemian floral table

bohemian wedding car

flowers dress boho bride pink bright

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